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En-Primeurs Wines 2023

A wonderful surprise!

A guaranteed purchase

  • 1What is the En-Primeurs system?

    The En-Primeurs campaign is a unique event in the wine world during which all eyes are on Bordeaux!
    A true highlight of the year, the En-Primeurs campaign enables estates to market their wines before they are even bottled. In return for this cash advance, the châteaux concede a price discount.
    The En-Primeurs thus allow you to access the greatest wines on the planet at a preferential price and to have the assurance of reserving the vintages of your choice in sometimes highly coveted vintages.

    When ordering En-Primeur wines, you receive a certificate attesting to your purchase, confirming the reservation of the bottles. (Attention, since 01/01/2023 the VAT must be paid at the time of this reservation).
    There follows a period between 18 and 24 months, during which the reserved wines quietly continue their aging in the chateaux' cellars.
    After their official bottling, you will receive an email indicating the availability of your wines. final invoice, and the long-awaited bottles will arrive into your possession!

  • 2A demanding selection

    Tasting these wines in the early stages of their development is a challenge, an exercise reserved for seasoned professionals.

    Belonging to the ranks of the greatest international experts, the members of the committee - united around Olivier Poussier, the Best Sommelier in the World 2000 - are among the leading figures in the cortege that pushes open the doors of the Bordeaux chateaux to go and taste these special wines every year.

    The role of the committee? As with all the wines we offer throughout the year, our goal is to select for you the best wines at the best price.
    In other words:

    • To give you access to the greatest wines on the planet, those that represent in our eyes the best successes in each appellation.
    • Confirm or deny on each vintage the qualities of the greatest signatures and discard the less successful.
    • Detect the rising stars, those that will present a fantastic new opportunity.
    • To make you discover and share our favorites, whether they are on the sidelines of the appellations or already great statutory names.

    Find our selection.

  • 3Be informed in real time

    The "releases" from the châteaux happen in drops, or flurries, from May to July. To make sure you don't miss any of your favorite labels, the great successes of the vintage or even the "star growths", we strongly recommend that you sign up for our En-Primeurs alerts.
    These alerts, sent by e-mail, will let you know when a new chateau is available online in our selection.

    For users of our mobile app, these alerts are also available as notifications.

  • 4A sSecure purchase

    All the payment methods available on our site are available for the purchase of your En-Primeur wines: credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, or cheque.
    All payments made on our site are collected by the secure platform of our payment partner PayZen, which handles all our transactions.

    For the purchase of En-Primeur wines, you can also opt for payment in "3 times without charge".
    By choosing this option, you will be able to spread the amount of your purchases over 3 monthly payments, at the end of which you will receive the reservation certificate corresponding to your order.

  • 5Invoicing and VAT liability

    Following a change in tax regulations, as of January 1, 2023, VAT becomes due upon payment of the En-Primeur reservation deposit. As a result, starting with the 2022 En-Primeurs campaign, the prices of En-Primeur wines will include the current VAT rate.
    The reservation certificate resulting from your order will also show the VAT-inclusive amounts.

    When the wines are made available, approximately 2 years after the reservation, all that remains to be done is to confirm your delivery address and pay any delivery charges and other specific taxes (ecotax, etc.). The invoice will then be generated automatically.

    Please note, for all En-Primeur wines ordered before 2023, VAT will continue to be due when the bottles are made available.

  • 6Quality of service

    Track the progress of your early orders in real-time, until they arrive at your door, 24 months after your order is placed, with our Premium Customer Service!

    Do not hesitate to ask us at any time by email or via the contact form, we will be happy to help you.