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Winemaker testimonials


"The website's design reflects the quality of its offers, and I like the fact that I can now filter my selection by region, as there are more wines on offer than ever before. I buy some from time to time, especially champagnes - there are always great vintages! - or German rieslings. makes wine shopping so much easier: with just a couple of clicks, your wine arrives at your doorstep and you can simply enjoy it."

HIS FAVORITE BOTTLE: Château Gruaud-Larose 1989.

HIS LAST ORDER: Champagne Brice.

HIS TOP VENTEALAPROPRIETE.COM PICKS: champagnes, rieslings and dry and mineral sauvignons.


"I've been ordering on for two years now, and I appreciate its clarity: it's very easy to navigate, all the offers are available at a single glance. I do prefer to buy wines that I know and like, especially burgundies, champagnes and wines from the Rhone Valley!

I'm not necessarily looking for new discoveries. I have plenty of opportunities to meet winemakers I like, and I know many of them as well, but we don't necessarily have the time to talk.

This is so much quicker and easier!"

HIS FAVORITE BOTTLE: Château Simone White 1990.

HIS LAST ORDER : Mâcon Verzé blanc 2010 from Anne-Claude Leflaive.

HIS TOP VENTEALAPROPRIETE.COM PICKS : Rémi Jobard (in Meursault), Domaine de la Garance (in Rasteau), Jacques Prieur (Clos Vougeot, Puligny-Montrachet), Domaine Matrot (in Meursault), Jacquesson (in Champagne).


"What I like is how practical the site is. I can taste the wines of colleagues that I' ve heard of, but that I don't necessarily run into every day! is a great opportunity to taste different wines, including more confidential wines such as the great Italian vintages, or more affordable ones, such as the Pactio from Tenuta San Guido, a perfect wine for Sunday evening pasta! I also rediscovered Cahors; I had snatched a bottle of Cèdre from my father's cellar, and I loved it. When I saw Mas del Périé featuured on the website, I tried it and found it to be excellent. And then I bought some Cèdre again!"

HIS FAVORITE BOTTLE : Château le Cèdre 1997.

HIS LAST ORDER : Sassicaïa.

HIS TOP VENTEALAPROPRIETE.COM PICKS: Château Simone (in Palette), Château Montus (in Madiran), Mas del Périé (in Cahors), Château du Cèdre (in Cahors), Couly-Dutheil (in Chinon), Tenuta San Guido (in Tuscany).


"I'm an atypical French consumer, since I have the chance to have a rather solid culture of wines from "outside of France". 
The website provides access to some of the best international wines, which are not well known by our compatriots and which I personally greatly appreciate. I also have many opportunities to meet my French colleagues and taste their wines, but finding such a wide selection on allows me to discover the latest vintage, or simply to taste all my favorite wines again!

In my opinion, makes buying wine an impulsive and fun act, which is always a good thing when it comes to building a great collection. »

HIS FAVORITE BOTTLE : Taylor’s Fladgate - Vintage Port - 1992

HIS LAST ORDER : Banjo Jozo - Japanese Sake - Kuheiji 50 Junmai Daiginjo Eau du Désir - White – 2016

HIS TOP VENTEALAPROPRIETE.COM PICKS : Great foreign wines, Famous Burgundies and wines from the Rhone Valley.


"When I see a wine I know that interests me, or a wine I would like to discover, I order it. I don't go on the website spontaneously for research, I receive the daily emails and I really appreciate its convenience, in three clicks your order is finalized, and often it's delivered the very next day... it's great.

I also bought some foreign wines, when I saw the Vina Tondonia sale for example, it's an excellent Spanish red wine that you can't find so easily in France, so I didn't hesitate, I even took three cases!"

HIS FAVORITE BOTTLE : a white Hermitage from Grippa from 1990.

"I think that the white Hermitages are not recognized enough as truly great bottles, even if it is only the white Hermitage, the classic vintage of Guigal, it is a remarkable wine. We often think of the reds but the whites are also wines of great passion and expression."


" wines are selected by two of the greatest wine tasters in the world, from the sharp palate of Christian Martray to the extensive knowledge of Olivier Poussier, the Best Sommelier In the World. I particularly enjoy the website's open-mindedness, its selection of wines from all the vineyards of France and the possibility of acquiring bottles from the greatest foreign vineyards."

HIS FAVORITE BOTTLE : Wines from spanish or italian vineyards.

HIS LAST ORDER : Chartreuse