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Logistics & warehousing


The wines offered on our website come mainly from the cellars of producers and wine dealers; they are stored for only a few days in our warehouse and undergo minimal handling in order to preserve their quality.

Once on site, the bottles are repackaged in packaging imagined, designed and manufactured in France by us. All the packaging is tested and manual assembly has been privileged for the best quality possible.

In fact, the breakage rate is close to 0...


Our team is hard at work every day from 6 am to ensure that all the different orders of the day are dispatched to your homes. They know the warehouse and its secrets by heart and our internal software specifically developed for our logistics helps them navigate each aisle with efficiency.

The team members, routing sheet in hand, quickly locate the bottles. The bottles are then repackaged and shipped the same day, before 4pm, insuring that more than 70% of the orders are delivered within 48 hours!

Our team prepares 1,000 to 1,200 packages every day.


Located in the heart of Mâcon, the 5000m2 of our logistic platform is in the middle of a business area, only a few meters away from our Wine Team, the Customer Service and the Tasting Area.

« The logistics department is a team of 7 young and dynamic people, who know our equipment and processes thoroughly. This guarantees our efficiency and our reactivity in the treatment of your orders.»