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En-Primeurs Wines 2022

A wonderful surprise!

What are En-Primeurs Wines?

Bordeaux En-Primeurs Wines are Bordeaux wines that are sold before they are in their "definitive" state, meaning they still need to be aged in cask at the estate for another 18 months.

This event is a unique opportunity to purchase the region's finest estates at a special price!

Evaluate the potential of these wines in the making

Tasting these wines at the beginning of their development is a challenge, an exercise reserved for seasoned professionals.

Evaluating the potential of these wines is the mission of our Selection Committee, chaired by Olivier Poussier - Best Sommelier in the World 2000.

Our selection criteria and objectives:

1. To give you access to the greatest wines of the world, those which represent in our eyes the best successes of each appellation.
2. To confirm or deny the qualities of the great estates for each vintage, and to discard the less successful ones.
3. Detect the rising stars, those who will become a great opportunity.
4. To help you discover and share our favorite high quality estates, outside of the well known names and appellations.

How does it work?

In the case of En-Primeur Wines orders, the wines purchased are based on the volumes allocated to, following their tasting and selection by our Selection Committee. The wines come directly from the châteaux' cellars, which guarantees their authenticity.

Your wines will then be delivered to you between 18 and 24 months after you have placed your order.