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Who's in our selection committee?


Olivier Poussier was awarded the title of Best Sommelier in the World in 2000 in Montreal. He has also been Head Sommelier for the Lenôtre house for over 20 years.

Christian Martray is a master sommelier and was the head sommelier of the Relais-Château Albert 1er in Chamonix for 10 years, a ** Michelin star restaurant.

Alaric de Portal is head of our Wine division and a founding member. He’s been involved and trained in the wine world for more than 15 years…

Three renown experts for our Selection Committee!

OLIVIER POUSSIER - Best Sommelier in the World

With his head held high, his shoulders squared, and his feet jammed together as if he were about to do a double salto, Olivier Poussier has the look of a competitor. And for good reason: this native of the Sarthe region practiced gymnastics for a long time as a teenager.

From this rigorous training emerged a strong sense of duty, an appreciation for effort and commitment, and an eye for beauty. Short of a military career, Olivier invested himself in the sommelier profession, learning with a competitor’s dedication everything possible about wine, its regions, and techniques. After a first stint as a sommelier at the Tour d’Argent when he was 17 years old, he made a detour to England to learn Her Majesty’s language before setting off for the podiums.

Gaston Lenôtre, the eponymous founder of the house to which he has remained faithful for 25 years, helped him in his ultimate pursuit: it was in 2000, in Montreal, that he was crowned Best Sommelier in the World. An exceptional achievement in the profession, an award granted only to the best of the best.

His thirst for knowledge is not something he likes to keep to himself. As a great teacher who enjoys sharing what he knows with anybody lucky enough to listen, Olivier loves to share good food with great friends, the AS Saint-Etienne, and the subtleties of the Rioja. Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of the vineyards, the wine varieties, the soil’s nature, and the name of every wine vintage from every producer, Olivier still strives to discover new producers and techniques, always keeping an eye out for emerging talents. A true master of his craft!

« Wine is made to be shared and bring people together. » O.Poussier


Epicurean at heart and raised in the Beaujolais region, Christian Martray has the bonhomie of people of substance and passion, always displaying an unfailing good humor. He strives to discover the most promising young winemakers and new discoveries for our Selection Committee, roaming the vineyards with enthusiasm at every chance he gets.

After 10 years working for the 2 Michelin Star restaurant the Albert 1er in the quaint and classic ski town of Chamonix, Christian joined his friend Olivier in a new adventure: Nowadays, he continues to travel the vineyards in search of the best wines and winemakers available.

If, by chance, you come across him at a wine tasting, trust his good humor and kindness, he will guide you to the best the vineyard has to offer. Listen to his witty advice and follow his latest discoveries: far from preaching the quality of only technically well-made wines, Christian is a passionate at heart, who always has stories to tell.

« Dare to discover lesser-known appellations that will surprise and amaze you, and which very often are true bargains. » C.Martray


Alaric de Portal works behind the scenes but is still the pillar of A wine aficionado who keeps a watchful eye on all our operations and makes sure that everything runs smoothly, always keeping the wine and winemakers centerstage.

This long-distance runner and triathlete is a formidable wine taster, having been trained in the wine and spirits world for more than 15 years. A passionate and self-taught enthusiast who has traveled the vineyard and met its foremost figures, creating long-lasting friendships with some of the best winemakers in the world. Skilled negotiator, he knows how to push future wine stars forward, selecting only the best bottles. He is dedicated to finding the best deals for you to fill your cellar with great vintages, unusual wines, perfect price/quality ratios, and upbeat new discoveries. One of the team’s core members!

« An infinite appetite for new discoveries, without losing sight of our standards. » A. de Portal


All our wines are rated out of 20.

To be selected and featured, a wine must obtain a minimum score of 14/20.

Between 14 and 15/20
It is a high quality production, or a great vintage in the making.

Between 15 and 17/20
A magnificent wine, often from exceptional terroirs.

Above 17/20
Exceptional wines, the kind that make the glory of the French vineyard.