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Faucon - Saké GI Nihonshu Junmai Daiginjo 38


Country / Region: Japan - Kobe Prefecture

Vintage: 2019

Name: Saké GI Nihonshu Junmai Daiginjo 38

Grape variety: Yukimegami

Alcohol: 15 vol.

Color: White

Capacity: 75 cl


A Selection Committee Favorite Sake rated 96/100


Made from a variety of rice indigenous to the Yamagata region, Yukimegami, with a polish rate of 38%, the GI Nihonshu Junmai Daiginjo 38 Sake Falcon exudes great purity. Its notes of watermelon, aniseed and fennel, of great freshness, mingle with aromas of white fruit; the long, measured structure follows the same path of finesse. A discovery full of nuances, precision of flavors and delicacy, ensured by one of the oldest sake distilleries in the archipelago which cultivates its own local varieties of rice.


After harvesting in autumn, the rice, Yukimegami variety, is dried. It is then polished so that only 38% of the grain mass remains. Then it is washed and soaked to reach a moisture content of about 30% before being steamed for about 1 hour.
At this stage, a part is extracted to develop the "Koji" fungus essential to the transformation of starch into sugar.
The alcoholic fermentation is done in stainless steel tanks at low temperature. Once the fermentation is finished, the sake is pressed and filtered before being bottled.
This sake is pasteurized only once before shipping (Nama-Chozo).


Clear and crystalline.


Pure and deep marked by scents of melon, anise and fennel.


Fine and delicate, this sake releases a palate with a long and sapid frame


To be served between 8 and 10°C and kept in the refrigerator for a maximum of one month after opening.

Food and wine pairing:

Raw, marinated or smoked fish.

Cellar aging:

As of now

It's a true phenomenon! Carried by the love and interest of sommeliers, restaurant owners and amateurs, sake’s reputation is extending its reach in the Western world... The great Japanese distilleries now offer a wide variety of sakes, a phenomenon whose extent we’ve been at the forefront of, opening the doors of this very special world to you for several years now.