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The Dalmore - Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky - Aged 25 ans


Country / Region: Scotland - Highlands

Category: Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Composition: Grain brandy

Alcohol: 42 vol.

Capacity: 70 cl

— Unavailable —

Dalmore 25 Year Old Single Malt Whisky is the perfect illustration of the art of handling maturation. These are two superb nectars from the same maturation in new American oak casks, separated to age in 25-year-old Palomino Fino Sherry casks and Tawny Port casks respectively, and finally reunited to complete their woody journey in ex-first-fill Bourbon casks. A feast of exotic fruits, marzipan, vanilla, and chocolate truffles that reveal a unique journey through woods and time.


Two whiskies matured in the same American oak cask, then separated to age respectfully in 25-year-old Palomino Fino sherry and Tawny port casks, then reunited to finish their ageing in first-fill ex-Bourbon casks.


Full-bodied and creamy, with notes of dried figs and dates, rice pudding, noble spices (saffron, cumin) and heady flowers (honeysuckle, lily), followed by candied citrus (lemon, orange), Russian leather and a touch of camphor.


Fine and smooth, this whisky surprises with its exotic flavors, followed by a beautiful freshness with its fruity notes and powerful aromas of dark chocolate and strong spices. The finish is long and silky, perfectly balanced.


Serve between 16 and 18°C in a Glencairn whisky glass.

Food and wine pairing:

As an aperitif or digestif, dry, on the rocks or accompanied by still, neutral spring water at room temperature.

As an iconic distillery in Scotland, The Dalmore stands as one of the most coveted around the globe. Nestled in the Highlands region, it boasts some of the oldest stills in the area and utilizes a wide variety of prized sherry casks.

With its unique distillation process and the use of Europe’s most prestigious casks for aging, The Dalmore is among the rare distilleries that offer exceptionally aged whiskies, both outstanding and scarce.

The current Master Distiller at The Dalmore is regarded as one of the foremost whisky creators in the industry, and every product in their lineup excites enthusiasts.

The Dalmore's commitment to tradition and authenticity is evident in their continuous pursuit of exceptional whiskies, allowing them to stand out for the quality of their handcrafted production.