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Citadelle - Gin de France


Country / Region: France - Poitou-Charentes

Category: Gin

Composition: 19 aromatic plants including juniper berry, aniseed, cinnamon, lemon, nutmeg

Alcohol: 44 vol.

Capacity: 70 cl

— Unavailable —

Citadelle Original Gin is the ultimate French gin. Dry and structured, it finds its balance between finesse and intensity, developing a voluptuous and extremely complex citrus fragrance. The nose recalls delicate scents of fresh flowers, supported by more pronounced citrus, herbaceous notes, and a hint of juniper. The palate remains particularly refreshing, with a hint of spice and a more exotic finish, with good length on pepper, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Perfectly balanced, this elegant gin is smooth and long on the palate, with a remarkable wealth of flavors. Since 1996, it has been a true signature of the company's expertise.


Gin made from 19 ingredients, including juniper berries, aniseed, cinnamon, lemon and nutmeg, which are infused for 1 to 4 days according to each profile. Then distilled in small copper stills over an open fire.


Delicate aromas of fresh flowers are supported by more pronounced hints of citrus, intense, herbaceous notes of juniper and star anise, followed by hints of pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon.


Fresh and supple, with intense, gourmet flavors. The juniper leaves plenty of room on the palate for its voluptuous, long, spicy fragrances. Perfectly balanced, this elegant gin is smooth and long on the palate, offering a remarkable wealth of flavors.


Serve between 8 and 12°C.

Food and wine pairing:

Pure, in cocktails, on the rocks, with a good fresh tonic.

A 100% French Gin with unique expertise! Citadelle Gin boasts local ingredients, ripened under the Charentes sun, in particular the famous juniper berries. Gently and delicately infused, the result of a long, patented process, they form a unique gin, with delicate, subtly lemony flavors.

Château de Bonbonnet is home to spirits with a soul, nourished by the mild local climate and ocean breezes. Alexandre Gabriel is the craftsman behind them, driven by an unwavering passion for "hand-made" work and unshakeable motivation. With 9 stills, he creates a range of innovative gins, an open window on the art of living in the South-West.