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Category: Triple Malt Whisky Français

Composition: Grain spirit, French barley

Alcohol: 43 vol.

Color: France

Capacity: 70 cl


Gold Medal at the International Spirits Challenge - 2020
Silver Medal at the World Whiskies Awards, "Best French Blended Malt" - 2020
Ranked best French whisky by LE POINT magazine

Bellevoye Prune Triple Malt is an unpeated triple malt that was matured in old plum barrels during the last months of maturation. It offers a wide range of aromas dominated by a myriad of yellow and white fruits. The aromas of plum are highlighted and surrounded by aromas of mirabelle plum, apricot, peach and pear but also malted barley. The fine notes of sweet spices recall the atmosphere of an artisanal confectionery. The palate is rich, fresh and unctuous, with a long finish persisting on notes of almond and stewed fruits. Rated 93/100 by our Selection Committee!


Triple Malt, 100% unpeated, an original blend of the three best single malts in France, aged for 3 to 8 years in French oak barrels in each of the three selected distilleries, and matured for several months in high quality plum, Quetsche and Ente brandy barrels in the Bellevoye cellars in Charente.


Deep gold with amber highlights.


Intense aromas of plum, yellow and white fruits, mirabelle plum, apricot, peach and pear, candied fruits, spices mixed with fine notes of malted barley.


Fleshy, fresh and unctuous, a long and persistent finish on beautiful flavors of almond, barley and ripe plum.


Serve between 16 and 18°C in a Glencairn whisky glass.

Food and wine pairing:

As an aperitif, as a digestive, on its own or for water lovers, in addition to their Whisky tasting, we suggest a still, neutral and fresh spring water.

Formerly the head of Havana Club and a Bordeaux merchant, Alexandre Sirech and Jean Moueix joined forces to craft the first 100% French whiskies. Their creations have since garnered global acclaim, sought after by upscale bars and connoisseurs alike. Their success is a testament to their expert blending skills and the superior quality of their base spirits.

Bellevoye stands as the epitome of French whisky. Every ingredient, including the barley, is sourced exclusively from France. Dive back into this renowned house with a global reputation, showcasing five intricately crafted whiskies, masterfully crafted in Charente.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of 'made in France' whisky; a worldwide sensation.