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Embargo - Rhum - Esplandido


Country / Region: Guatemala, Martinique and Trinidad and Tobago

Category: Rhum

Composition: Sugar cane

Alcohol: 40 vol.

Color: Brown

Capacity: 70 cl


Gold Medal at the RHUM FEST 2016 competition
Great Gold Medal at the World Competition in Brussels

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The Embargo Esplandido Rum celebrates the best of each expertise and brings together agricultural rum and molasses rum in a unique new bottle. The French touch of freedom and experimentation does the rest! Combining the power and roundness of an agricultural rum from Martinique with the sweetness and smoothness of molasses rums (mainly from Guatemala, but also from Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago), this new blend delivers warm and spicy notes with a complex, round and easily digestible palate. Cinnamon, cardamom, paprika and acacia honey combine with notes of quince and plum, gingerbread, in a great freshness ... The best of both worlds is thus united!


This rum is a blend of 3 different origins and methods: Guatemala (honey cane rum), Martinique (agricultural rum) and Trinidad and Tobago (molasses rum).


Light brown.


Delicious spicy scents of cinnamon and paprika combined with notes of quince and plum.


We enjoy the power and complexity of this rum, its round and digestible body as well as its great freshness.

Food and wine pairing:

As a digestive, lukewarm, also very appreciated in cocktails.

Les Bienheureux is the result of an association between the former head of Havana Club, Alexandre Sirech, and the Bordeaux merchant Jean Moueix, and has developed an original range of phenomenally successful spirits. This ambition is supported by the high quality of French eaux-de-vie and by an incredible blender's expertise. The result: a resounding success amongst connoisseurs around the world.