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Zacapa - Rhum du Guatemala - Edición Negra


Country / Region: Guatemala

Category: Rhum du Guatemala

Composition: Sugar Cane

Alcohol: 43 vol.

Color: Mahogany

Capacity: 70 cl

— Unavailable —

A daring achievement, Zacapa Edicion Negra Rum is made using the Solera technique in which rums of different ages and characters are blended and then aged in a succession of barrels. The rum then benefits from an additional year of aging in toasted American oak barrels, which gives it a new, more structuring facet with intense flavors of smoke, incense and warm flavors. Notes of caramelized fruit, plums and raisins with a hint of smoke mingle with chocolate and dried fruit flavors; the long, intense finish concludes this rich, flavorful rum.


Elaborated according to the 'Sistema Solera' technique. These are rums of different ages and characteristics that are blended and aged in a succession of barrels and benefit from an additional year of aging in American oak barrels toasted.


Deep mahogany with amber highlights.


Intense with flavors of caramelized fruits (plums and grapes), chocolate and hints of incense smoke.


Lively and daring, marked in the palate by smoky notes that blend perfectly with chocolate and dried fruit flavors.

Food and wine pairing:

Pure, on ice or in cocktails.

It is one of the most famous rums of Guatemala! Using only concentrated cane juice, grown 350 meters above sea level, Zacapa makes unique rums, watched over for 30 years by cellar master Lorena Vasquez.