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Miyagikyo - Japanese Whisky - Single Malt Whisky


Country / Region: Japan - Honshu - Miyagi

Category: Japanese Single Malt Whisky

Composition: Grain brandy

Alcohol: 45 vol.

Color: Amber

Capacity: 70 cl

This single malt expression perfectly captures the delicate, fruity style of the eponymous distillery. The ageing process, which includes the use of old Sherry casks, adds depth and deliciousness to the natural charm of this whisky. The complex nose opens with floral notes, complemented by hints of malt, chocolate and cedar. The palate, soft and light, is fruitier and spicier, stretching out its malty, stewed touch with finesse. A whisky of great elegance.


Non-peated. Long fermentation before distillation. Then aged in sherry casks.


Amber with golden highlights.


Complex, combining cedar and fat grass. Floral scents, chocolate and malt notes.


Soft and light, with malted barley, fruit and spice flavors.


Serve at room temperature in a Glencairn whisky glass.

Food and wine pairing:

As an aperitif, digestif, on its own or for water lovers, we suggest a still, neutral, fresh spring water.
The Japanese sometimes accompany their fish meals with whisky served as mizuwari: the whisky is reduced by two-thirds water and a few ice cubes to give it an alcoholic strength equivalent to that of wine.