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The Kyoto Distillery - Kyoto Dry Gin - Ki No Bi - Edition G


Country / Region: Japan

Category: Gin

Composition: Blend of rice alcohol, Japanese herbs and Fushimi water

Alcohol: 46 vol.

Capacity: 70 cl

Aged in Henri Giraud Champagne barrels, The Kyoto Distillery Ki No Bi Gin Edition G is a world premiere, an innovative collaboration born from the meeting of these two houses with their artisanal expertise. The result is a fuller-bodied gin with beautiful notes of vanilla, fresh fruit, spices, and fine botanicals. A gin of great rarity and complete originality.


Composed of rice alcohol and 11 botanicals, mostly from local producers. Made according to the ancestral art of Konwa meaning 'to combine and create harmony'.
This Japanese gin is blended with the famous Fushimi water and aged for 6 months in Henri Giroud champagne barrels before being bottled at 46 degrees.

Limited edition.




Beautiful aromatics underlined by notes of vanilla, burnt caramel, woody spices and oak.


We find all its flavors in the palate, a fuller bodied gin with a nice well balanced finish.


Serve as a cocktail, over ice or slightly chilled.

The Kyoto Distillery Company is the first - and only - distillery to focus on Japanese gin. Created in 2016, the brand KI NO BI is now distributed in more than 20 countries around the world and is enjoying growing success, valued for its unique expertise. 

A craft gin distilled in the Kyoto region, Ki No Bi is indeed made from regional ingredients and a recipe inspired by the city's history and culture. This rice alcohol is blended with local botanicals and bottled at 45.7 degrees. Literally "beauty of the seasons", this fresh and subtle Japanese Gin invites you to travel and experience the Japanese art of living.

Alongside it, the new "G" edition is the result of a unique collaboration with Champagne Henri Giraud: a gin aged in barrels from the Argonne forest, used for the maturing of Giraud champagnes.