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Nikka Whisky - Japanese Blended Whisky - From the Barrel


Country / Region: Japan

Category: Japanese Blended Whisky

Composition: Grain spirit

Alcohol: 51.4 vol.

Color: Amber

Capacity: 50 cl

Nikka From the Barrel Japanese Blended Whisky is a blend of grain and malt whiskies, an ambitious, powerful and masterful bottle. The aromatic palette is complex and is organized around scents of floral, apricot but also spices such as clove and fine leather. The palate confirms the stature of a broad-shouldered malt, punctuated by peppery flavors, notes of ripe fruit, peach, caramelized apple and honeysuckle, on a very intense vanilla background. A rich and complex best-seller, a must in Japan!


Unpeated. A blend of single malts from the two distilleries of Yoichi and Miyagikyo and a single grain whisky. Dilution : Cask strength.


Old gold with golden highlights.


Fine and complex on floral and fruity scents, especially lilac and apricot mixed with spicy notes, clove and a touch of leather.


Powerful and firm with spicy, especially pepper, marine and woody flavors followed by notes of ripe fruit, peach, caramelized apple and honeysuckle.


Serve at room temperature in a Glencairn whiskey glass.

Food and wine pairing:

As an aperitif, as a digestive, on its own or for water lovers, in addition to their whisky tasting, we suggest a still, neutral and fresh spring water. The Japanese sometimes accompany their fish meal with whisky served as mizuwari: the whisky is served reduced by two thirds of water and a few ice cubes to give it an alcoholic strength equivalent to that of a wine.

Founded in 1934 by Masataka Taketsuru, considered as the founding father of Japanese whisky, Nikka Whisky produces an exciting range of whiskies at its two distilleries: Yoichi, located on the island of Hokkaido, and Miyagikyo, based on Honshu near Sendai. 

Renowned for its single malts as well as for its blends of great precision and unparalleled complexity, Nikka is one of the cult addresses of Japanese whisky. Inspired by the best Scottish blends, Masataka Taketsuru was able to forge an authentic whisky with a Japanese soul whose reputation has since then skyrocketed. 

Nikka's success has become worldwide, touching the hearts and palates of great connoisseurs who are even ready to pay several thousand euros for their most precious bottles!

Discover this ambitious Japanese blend, an iconic whisky of the Nikka house, a best-seller in France!