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Country / Region: Mexico

Category: Liqueur Mexicaine à base de piment

Composition: Sugar Cane

Alcohol: 30 vol.

Capacity: 70 cl

A Mexican chile-based liqueur, Casa Tarasco El Hispano is a sugarcane spirit to which fresh seedless jalapeños (chiles) are added and macerated for nearly two months before being filtered. Perfectly balanced between round, hot and spicy notes, this ancestral liqueur had never been bottled before. A first that we invite you to discover for its originality and its long spicy finish.


Made from molasses in a column still at around 65° and then adding fresh seedless jalapenos to the vat with the alcohol, the maceration lasts from 45 to 60 days. After the maceration, the liquid is filtered and the degree of alcohol is reduced to 30° with pure water, brown sugar is then added at the end of the elaboration.

This liqueur comes from an ancestral recipe and has not been commercialized before.




Vegetal, spicy and earthy notes.


A beautiful balance between round, warm, spicy and sweet notes underlined by a long and spicy finish.

Food and wine pairing:

Pure or in cocktail.

A land of discovery and culture, Mexico is also a privileged destination for spirits lovers. The country's varied geography allows for a diversity of skills that give birth to as many spirits; introduced with the arrival of the Spaniards in the 15th century, distillation is elevated to the rank of art here.