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Country / Region: Mexico

Category: Rum Charanda

Composition: Sugar Cane

Alcohol: 40 vol.

Color: Brown

Capacity: 70 cl

Made from sugar cane grown on red soils (Charanda), and rich in iron, the Rum Charanda Guarapo Ancestral 4 Years delivers with great intensity deep notes of honey, orange essence, vanilla powders and cinnamon. The palate remains soft and unctuous, the finish creamy and velvety, very persistent. Pure, on ice or in cocktails, it will surprise you!


Charanda is a Mexican spirit protected by a "Denominacion de Origen" (D.O) produced in the state of Michoacán in the center-west of the country. For over 11 years, the Pacheco family has been producing Charanda, also known as "Guarapo". The Casa Tarasco distillery is located in the city of Urapa. 100% local sugar cane, distilled in alembics, aged for a minimum of 4 years, with no added sugar.


Dark mahogany with copper tones.


Very intense, aromas of bee honey, orange essence, mixed with notes of vanilla and cinnamon.


Soft and unctuous in the palate, it offers a creamy, velvety and persistent finish.

Food and wine pairing:

Pure, on ice or in cocktails combined with fruit, a Charanda Daiquiri: 5 cl of Charanda, 2 cl of Yuzu or Okinawa, 2 cl of lemon and 1 cl of sugar syrup in a shaker filled with ice, shake vigorously for about 10 seconds and pour into a cocktail glass with a cocktail strainer or also frost the glass with fine salt, decorate with a celery stalk and a cherry tomato

A land of discovery and culture, Mexico is also a privileged destination for spirits lovers. The country's varied geography allows for a diversity of skills that give birth to as many spirits; introduced with the arrival of the Spaniards in the 15th century, distillation is elevated to the rank of art here.