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Chartreuse - Liqueur Chartreuse - Cuvée du 9e Centenaire


Country / Region: Voiron-Isère-France

Category: Liqueur Chartreuse

Composition: Alcohol, sugar, water, plant

Alcohol: 47 vol.

Color: Yellow-green

Capacity: 70 cl


In the opinion of numerous and passionate amateurs, it remains in their hearts the best liqueur in the world because it is the only one that becomes more complex, that evolves positively in its bottle

It is this unique liqueur that we offer you today, a bottle produced in limited edition... Enjoy this elixir of long life, a concentrate of flavors and mysteries. Be warned, the quantities are extremely limited! The anniversary Liqueur du 9e centenaire, created by the Carthusian Fathers in 1984, pays tribute to the foundation of their order. Subtle and delicate, it is elaborated from a base of Yellow Chartreuse, with a lot of finesse, boasting delicate notes of citrus fruits which leave a sensation of intense freshness. These infinite and rich perfumes mingle with notes of anise, saffron and lemon balm in a very complex palate. The aromatic amplitude is exquisite, the texture silky, the persistence superb. A liqueur to be served at 5/6° and to be savored for itself at the end of the evening or in a cocktail with Tonic.


A liqueur made by macerating plants, roots and spices in wine alcohol, distilled and then aged for at least five years in oak barrels. The recipe and the details of its elaboration have remained secret since 1605, the year the precious document was given to the Carthusian Fathers. Only three monks have access to it and keep the secret of the ingredients and the elaboration of this liqueur which has become legendary and very appreciated by the amateurs. The year of bottling is mentioned on the back of the bottle.


Intense fluorescent yellow-green with bronze highlights.


Delicate, notes of hay, dry herbs, angelica, star anise, hyssop, confectionery, a very great complexity that grows in the glass with aeration.


Also very complex, mixing strength and sweetness, spices and reminder of sweet, mentholated, licorice and medicinal flavors.


Serve chilled or with an ice cube if needed.

Food and wine pairing:

Digestif - dessert with Chartreuse: hot soufflé with Chartreuse Verte, crèpes soufflé with Chartreuse.

Chartreuse is a unique and exceptional liqueur. Its recipe has been a well-kept secret since 1605, handed down over the centuries by the Carthusian fathers of the Voiron monastery in Isère. Nicknamed the "elixir of long life" and hailed for its medicinal virtues, the beverage is composed of 130 varieties of plants, barks and spices, which gives it a lot of complexity. In 1840, the modern version of the liqueur was developed and a yellow chartreuse nicknamed the "queen of liqueurs" was also created.