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Pernod Ricard - Ricard - Anis vert et Citron


Country / Region: France

Category: Ricard

Composition: Blend of natural ingredients including lemon and green aniseed

Alcohol: 45 vol.

Color: White

Capacity: 70 cl

Ricard green anise and lemon is fresh and tangy. Notes of zest, citrus and limoncello abound, mingling with anise and fennel in a full-bodied, ample balance with a clean, fresh lingering finish. A new facet of Marseilles pastis, to be enjoyed very long on the rocks.


Made from 100% natural ingredients including lemon and green anise, certified organic and made in France.


Aniseed fragrances haloed by tangy notes of limoncello and citrus zest.


Full-bodied, underlined by aromas of anise and fennel. This aniseed cocktail has plenty of freshness!


Store at room temperature.

Food and wine pairing:

To serve a Ricard, pour 2cl of Ricard, plenty of cool water and ice cubes.

Born in Marseille in 1932, Ricard is the work of its daring creator, Paul Ricard, who gave pastis its international expansion and unique, inimitable taste.