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Domaine Eric Bordelet - Poiré - Authentique


Country / Region: Normandie

Name: Poiré

Grape variety: Pears

Alcohol: 6 vol.

Capacity: 75 cl


A favourite vintage rated 93/100 by our committee!


The Poiré Authentique cider is of exceptional delicacy, with fine and regular effervescence. It stands in a class of its own. The nose is exceptionally perfect, featuring notes of fully ripe pear with inherent sweetness, complemented by pastry aromas, biscuits, and mixed yellow fruits that are absolutely irresistible. The palate offers a fresh and drier juice than expected, giving the impression of biting into a fresh pear, with a fruit kernel aspect that adds depth to the overall experience. Far from any imitation in its category, this pear cider elevates the fruit to its highest level of excellence. It pairs wonderfully with a pear tart or Roquefort cheese on toast with dried fruits. A Committee's Crush rated at 93/100.


Bright gold, slightly amber, with a fine string of bubbles and a fine, regular effervescence.


A nose of rare perfection, marked by notes of ripe pear, pastry, cookie and pear aromas.


You get the sensation of biting into a fresh, ripe pear. This perry reveals a fresh juice accompanied by fine bubbles.


Serve between 10 and 12°C.

Food and wine pairing:

Pear tart, Roquefort cheese tasting with pear pieces, dried fruit, farmhouse bread toast.

Cellar aging:

From now until 2028

Eric Bordelet, the undisputed master of the orchard, has elevated ciders and perry into true nectars. Trained as a sommelier and inspired by the aesthetic pursuit of fine wine, purity, and finesse, he was propelled into the spotlight with the support of Didier Dagueneau, who recognized his talent and ambition.

Located on 23 hectares in southern Normandy at the border of Mayenne and Orne, Eric Bordelet has been crafting an impeccable range of perry and ciders for 30 years, using organic and biodynamic methods and old varieties. These beverages are unrivaled in the world!

Tasting his creations is a revelation: you will never want to drink any other cider or perry again, as the quality is truly exceptional and precise. Some are even vintage-dated, and all of them offer astonishing aging potential.