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  • Chandon

    Garden Spritz

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    Garden Spritz

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  • Chandon

    Chant des Cigales

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CCHANDON is a model of success that finds its roots in South America in the middle of the 20th century. Convinced that the extension of the Champagne appellation area was not possible, Robert Jean de Vogüé - then President of MOËT & CHANDON - decided in 1959 to plant vines in Argentina to produce sparkling wine. It didn't take long for French expertise to be emulated. And from a local success it became a worldwide success. Rightly considering that this market was sufficiently supplied and did not require new references, this "exotic" product was not served in Old Europe. So when CHANDON decided to penetrate this market, it could not do so without a shock offer. "And they did it with a vengeance. On the one hand, CHANDON Garden Spritz revises the king of cocktails: the Spritz; on the other hand, an iconoclastic rosé with an incredible tone: Chant des Cigales. Innovation is part of the CHANDON identity, as is audacity!

CHANDON GARDEN SPRITZ, redefining the world of Spritz

CHANDON Garden Spritz is a unique blend of CHANDON sparkling wine made in Mendoza, in the foothills of the Argentine Andes, and a secret recipe macerate made from natural extracts of orange peel, herbs and spices, with no synthetic flavors or artificial colors. The main ingredient, CHANDON Brut, is made using an innovative method, developed by CHANDON over 60 years of experience, called "Charmat long" with slow fermentation that preserves the natural expression of the fruit. The orange peel liqueur is then incorporated into the wine to create CHANDON Garden Spritz. It took creator Ana Paula and the CHANDON Argentina team 64 trials and 4 years of development to find the optimal balance between wine and macerate, perfection between sweetness & bitterness.

Redefining the world of Spritz

1 Innovation

Drawing on her Italian roots and inspired by the Argentines' love of bitter flavors, Ana Paula Bartolucci created this refreshing ready-to-drink cocktail.

Cared for ingredients

6 months

Beyond the attention given to the basic wine, all the ingredients (oranges, herbs and spices) benefit from a special care during six months.

Harmony of flavors

64 trials

It took the CHANDON team more than 64 tests and 4 years to achieve the perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness.


1 planet

100% of the juice from the oranges is distributed to the surrounding schools. 100% of the waste is used as compost in the vineyard.


For a perfect serving, simply add : - 3 ice cubes to your appetizer - A slice of dried orange - A sprig of rosemary for a summer cocktail or a cinnamon stick for a winter drink!

CHANT DES CIGALES, an out of the box rosé

Chant des Cigales is a wine created by a trio of pioneering oenologists and the diversity of the terroirs of the South of France. Led by Audrey Bourgeois, head of innovation and technical coordination at CHANDON, the project was born thanks to the vision of Richard Geoffroy (former head of the Dom Pérignon cellar) and the precision of Eric Lebel (former head of the Krug cellar). Chant des Cigales was born from the freedom to create and the transmission of an expertise The result is a wine that stands out from the crowd. A sparkling rosé, singular, aromatic, a blend of 8 emblematic grape varieties of the South, all grown according to the principles of organic farming. A "quivering" creation that fascinates by its complexity. A natural, organic and vegan brut with an innate elegance, floral, salty, with a slight bitterness and a delicate and subtle sparkle.

Experimenting with double tasting

Chant des Cigales is not one but two tasting experiences! - Chilled, on its own: you will appreciate the subtle and persistent effervescence of this rosé with notes of summer fruits, vinous, complex... almost gastronomic! - With an ice cube: you will discover a new, more refreshing taste experience, the bubble becomes more opulent, the salty aromas intensify and release a tonic minerality!


At the end of the 1950s, Robert-Jean de Vogüé, then President of MOËT & CHANDON, had the vision, the courage and the audacity to redefine the world of wine, convinced that new terroirs would open up an exciting era for quality sparkling wines. Exporting expertise, not bottles, and revealing the diversity of the world's terroirs was his credo. His travels took him to Argentina where he discovered lands that matched his ambition. The CHANDON spirit is also unlimited innovation. Because the company is located in different and often extreme terroirs, CHANDON employees are constantly seeking to improve production techniques. They choose their production methods according to the style they wish to give to their wines. The main objective is to let the personality of the terroir express itself. Their expertise is their most precious asset and sharing it is both their way of doing things and their reason for being. Since its foundation in Argentina in 1959, CHANDON has become a House in its own right, producing unique sparkling wines from unexpected terroirs.