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El Pasador de Oro - Ron Guatemala - XO - Brun


Country / Region: Guatemala

Category: Ron Guatemala

Composition: Sugar Cane

Alcohol: 40 vol.

Color: Brown

Capacity: 70 cl

Languorous and smooth, El Pasador de Oro XO is a rum of great delicacy, which combines notes of dried fruit, milk caramel and roasting in a great sweetness. A blend of old Guatemalan rums (12 years old on average), aged at high altitude on the Altiplano and then blended and matured in Cognac barrels in Charente, it unfolds all its complexity with an impressive balance... An accessible and nuanced rum, flattering like a Diplomatico for those used to languorous and smooth rums. A discovery!


Rum from Guatemala, blended from 6 to 15 years. Distilled from cane sugar honey, fermented with yeast from pineapple. The aging of the rum obtained takes place at high altitude on the Guatemalan altiplano, then assembled in France, aged in barrels of Cognac.




Intense wood notes, a beautiful complexity around roasted aromas, milk caramel and dried fruits.


A very suave, delicate, accessible and flattering style, a very well balanced rum, a true delight!

Food and wine pairing:

Primarily as a digestif

Les Bienheureux is the result of an association between the former head of the Havana Club, Alexandre Sirech, and the Bordeaux merchant Jean Moueix, and has developed an original range of phenomenally successful spirits. This ambition is supported by the high quality of French eaux-de-vie and by a true blender's expertise. The result: a resounding success with connoisseurs.